クラウデッドハウス Crowded House - North America Travelogue 2010 CD

クラウデッドハウスの2010年北米ツアーから、各地のハイライト音源をコンパイルし、3枚組プレス盤CDに収録した「Crowded House - North America Travelogue 2010」が、2011年4月16日の「レコードストアデイ Record Store Day」を記念して2,000枚限定リリース!

Crowded House - North America Travelogue 2010 CD

Disc 1)
I Feel Possessed (Austin, TX)
Saturday Sun (Seattle, WA)
Don't Stop Now (Austin, TX)
Distant Sun (Saratoga, CA)
Amsterdam (Denver, CO)
Either Side of the World (Vienna, VA)
Archer's Arrows/ Hit the Road Jack (Vancouver, BC)
Isolation (Vienna, VA)
Inside Out (Nashville, TN)
Silent House (Austin, TX)
Mean to Me (Chicago, IL)
Nails in My Feet (Denver, CO)
Twice If You're Lucky (Milwaukee, WI)
Whispers and Moans (Milwaukee, WI)
Hole in the River (San Diego, CA)
Fall at Your Feet (Dallas, TX)

Disc 2)
Even If (San Diego, CA)
Pour le Monde (Vancouver, BC)
Private Universe (Denver, CO)
In the Lowlands (Victoria, BC)
Message to My Girl (Victoria, BC)
Not the Girl You Think You Are (Denver, CO)
English Trees (Nashville, TN)
Four Seasons in One Day (Nashville, TN)
Don't Dream It's Over (Dallas, TX)
In My Command (Atlanta, GA)
Lester (Dallas, TX)
Falling Dove (Calgary, AB)
Heaven That I'm Making (Apple Valley, MN)
One Step Ahead (Edmonton, AB)
Tombstone (San Francisco, CA)
Say That Again (Atlanta, GA)
Elephants (Nashville, TN)

Disc 3)
Kare Kare (San Francisco, CA)
There Goes God (Dallas, TX)
I Walk Away/ History Never Repeats (Seattle, WA)
I Got You (Seattle, WA)
Something So Strong (Calgary, AB)
Chocolate Cake (Apple Valley, MN)
Fingers of Love (Saratoga, CA)
It's Only Natural (Seattle, WA)
Locked Out (Dallas, TX)
Love You 'Til the Day I Die (Milwaukee, WI)
Weather with You/ She Called Up (Los Angeles, CA)
Pineapple Head (Denver, CO)
When You Come (Nashville, TN)
World Where You Live (Austin, TX)
Italian Plastic (Calgary, AB)
Better Be Home Soon (Seattle, WA)